August 05 2019


I have nothing against rice.   Although I come from a time and place where children were raised on a daily diet of deep-fried potatoes and white bread - often together in the same meal - I have in later life taken great pleasure from other, mo READ MORE

July 29 2019


Awakening to the cool, refreshing summer air of Japan's northernmost island, myself and Jon - designated driver and chief photographer for this, our 'Hokkaido Road Trip' - stumbled out into a morning mist left by a night of restorative dri READ MORE

July 22 2019


I am a clumsy buffoon.   All the evidence - the plasters, the bandages, the hobbling gait - supports this confession. I am apparently unable to walk and think simultaneously.   Specifically, it seems that the further I take myself f READ MORE

May 31 2019


November 3rd 2018 provided a welcome opportunity for a return trip to Kasama in Ibaraki Prefecture.     Each year, from mid-October to late November, the streets of Kasama are lined with the floral displays of their annual Chrysant READ MORE

May 10 2019


We’re grateful and proud to have received such great reviews from publications with in-depth knowledge of Japan and its culture.


Thanks to Metropolis for these kind words!




book image 'JAPAN - 100 HIDDEN TOWNS'

Japan – 100 Hidden Towns is a travel guidebook to Japan off-the-beaten-track – the lesser known towns, where quiet, bucolic ways of life, and proudly maintained local history and traditions can be found. 100 towns, selected from all of the country’s 47 prefectures, are reviewed with a focus on nature, culture, food, access, and key dates – each illustrated with colourful photographs. Information on each of Japan’s eight regions and their major tourist attractions, general advice for travellers, and listings of useful phrases are also provided, helping visitors to maximise the enjoyment of their travels. Over 400 pages of colour photographs and useful information.

ISBN : 9784905527497