The Shikoku Region

The smallest of Japan’s major islands, Shikoku is best known for its 88-temple pilgrimage route, Meiji-era modernising historic figures, and its stunning scenery. Wonderful as a retreat from crowded, urban Japan, even its prefectural capitals have a gentle, friendly feel, with feudal castles and local eateries perfect for visitors to enjoy. Shikoku is connected to Honshu by three long bridges, including the series of double deck bridges collectively known as the Great Seto Bridge, which link Okayama and Kagawa prefectures. Encompassing four prefectures, the island is also known for its unique and wildly popular festivals, such as the Yosakoi Festival and the Awa-Odori dance festival in summer.


book image 'JAPAN - 100 HIDDEN TOWNS'

Japan – 100 Hidden Towns is a travel guidebook to Japan off-the-beaten-track – the lesser known towns, where quiet, bucolic ways of life, and proudly maintained local history and traditions can be found. 100 towns, selected from all of the country’s 47 prefectures, are reviewed with a focus on nature, culture, food, access, and key dates – each illustrated with colourful photographs. Information on each of Japan’s eight regions and their major tourist attractions, general advice for travellers, and listings of useful phrases are also provided, helping visitors to maximise the enjoyment of their travels. Over 400 pages of colour photographs and useful information.

ISBN : 9784905527497